Who are we

Nextsiciliainform@ was born from an idea of Mr. Salvo Raiti and Mrs. Pina Jannello, President of AIDE Association, with the aim of enhancing Sicilian companies and products and creating not only an association, but also a network of partners able to work together with the common goal of developing new business opportunities.

Nextsiciliainform@ is a next-generation association, that we like to define 2.0.
In recent years the Internet has changed and evolved. Tools such as blogs, web, forums, chat rooms, social networks and newsletters have been used for years by computer enthusiasts and young people. Today these tools are also used by large and small companies as a way of doing business and improving the relationship with customers.

The association Nextsiciliainform@ believes in the potential of these tools and intends to make them available to its members in order to encourage their participation in the association’s life and to promote their activities, by trying to fully exploit the opportunities offered by the Internet.

The association organizes conferences, exhibitions and meetings within the territory aimed at facilitating access to credit, carrying out the projects developed by its members and searching new partners for their business.

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