Cultural Association “Jabal”

associazione jabal

Cultural Association “Jabal”

The purpose of the Association is to promote social inclusion through the development of tourism-focused cultural and recreational activities, as well as activities ensuring...

associazioni italiani per l'europa

Associazione Italiani per l’Europa

THE REASONS UNDERLYING THE BIRTH OF  THE ASSOCIATION “ITALIANS FOR EUROPE” It is essential to prevent the crisis of the “political ruling class” (except...

isola di sicilia

Island of Sicily

ISOLA DI SICILIA – ISLAND OF SICILY  is an association affiliated with FAIR PLAY – CONI, under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce...

AssociationsTravel and Leisure

Sicil Progress

Sicilprogress is a non-partisan and non-profit association whose main aim is to  promote and enhance the Sicilian territory and its products. One of the...

associazione turi campanazza

Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza”

The Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza” takes its name from the man who, forty years ago, in a spontaneous and very personal way, gave birth...

Spazi contemporanei

Spazi Contemporanei

“Spazi contemporanei” is a cultural association made up of professionals working in the field of Art and, in particular, in Architecture. Our field of...

Art and CultureAssociations

Independent Association of the European Women

The Association, based in Matera, is registered as Social Promotion Association. The regional president for Sicily is Pina Jannello Barlesi. It has several provincial...

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