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Etna is a set of unique and fascinating territories. Here people interact, often with difficulty, with this beautiful, but at the same time, complicated environment. Farming is always and everywhere, a summary of the efforts and the experiences that farmers have acquired and applied over the years. An interpretation made of EXPERIENCE, CONTINGENCY and FORESIGHT, on which choices, results and emotions depend.


All our grapes have an extraordinary personality which is enhanced by a unique environment.

The powerful and elegant black-skinned grapes NERELLO MASCALESE and NERELLO CAPPUCCIO complete each other to get wines of great freshness, length and pleasantness. The white-skinned grapes Carricante and CATARRATTO  produce charming and long-lived white wines with extraordinary tertiary notes.



The farm Gambino: pragmatic, direct and sincere. A relationship with land, products and guests always characterized by the Mediterranean warmth.

Etna: located in an incredibly privileged geographic location and a ever-changing territory with a strong visual impact. Dry stone walls, prickly pears, pine trees in the middle of vineyards, sudden explosions and clouds of smoke, black lava and white snow, the green in all its potential forms. It’s impossible to describe everything, but we can take some fragment and make them become the theme of the company. Thus, the signs become spontaneous, simple, always different and especially never sophisticated and rigid. So, it is not only the story of a wine, but also of that of a lovely and always magic land in the shadow of the volcano.



MEMORABLE EXPERIENCE: enter the world of wine among vineyards at high altitude and local flavours.

In this so charming and unique context, our company organizes wine tastings carefully managed by sommelier and accompanied by typical delicacies of the territory.

We can welcome groups ranging from a single person up to a maximum of 300 people, with the chance to taste different wines, local dishes and visit the winery.

Thanks to the experience gained over the years by managing events and incentives for Bosch, ING Direct, Vodafone, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, etc., we can offer our guests the pleasure of discovering the wine just starting from the territory with its multifaceted scenarios and its typical gastronomic expressions.

There are two main aspects which characterize and summarize the Sicilian wine-making vocation: one is broader, linked to the island, the sun, the warmth and the generous white limestone soils, ideal  for the ripening of grapes as Inzolia, Catarratto, Nero d’Avola and Cabernet – Sauvignon, which give softness, tannins sweetness and an appreciable immediate consumption to wines like Feud’O, Cantari Rosso and Alicant; the other is a niche vocation, extreme, and therefore more refined, linked to Etna’s specific environmental features such as altitude and soil, which combine to produce fresh, mineral and incredibly elegant wines like Tifeo and Petto Dragone. All this thanks to grape variety such as Nerello Mascalese, Nerello Cappuccio, Carricante and Catarratto.

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