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Lets’s print in 3d is a portal dedicated to 3D printers, which are machines capable of building three-dimensional objects from a plastic filament. Until a few years ago, 3d printers were only used in the industrial sector for the construction of prototypes.

Thanks to the expired patents and the consequent price reduction, today everyone can buy a 3D printer. The sectors that are mainly benefiting from their spread are: medicine, handicraft, fashion, design, and architecture. Even “do-it-yourself” enthusiasts and inventors have found a valid support in the 3d printers for the realization of their projects.

Stampiamo in 3d portal has been created to inform and train all the interested users about this new machine that is revolutionizing the whole world. The services offered are:


  • 3d Printing School, a basic course on 3d printers;
  • Buyer’s Guide, for users interested in buying a 3D printer;
  • Comparison of the technical sheets of 3D printers and filaments;
  • Trovafablab, a service to find a Fablab, a 3d printing services workshop in your city;
  • Information channels, such as news, on what to buy in 3d, guides and tutorials, recommended books etc;


Invent, design and create: revolution has just started!


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