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Sicilprogress is a non-partisan and non-profit association whose main aim is to  promote and enhance the Sicilian territory and its products. One of the objectives of the association is to act as a meeting and aggregation place in the name of cultural interests, by playing the social role of maturing and housing human and civil growth, through the instrument of continuing education.

Sicilprogress mission is to expand and cultivate the flavours and tastes culture, applied to the Mediterranean Diet, as well as the cultural traditions, through the promotions and the organization of events aiming at  fostering and spreading the Euro-Mediterranean and the international products, as well as their human resources. At the same time, the association wants to protect and enhance the traditional, local, organic and fair trade techniques, products and professions through the participation in workshops on environmental issues.


The main goal of Sicilprogress is to make the consumers aware of the peculiarities of the agro-food products of the Mediterranean basin, and especially those of Sicily, by primarily focusing on the development and promotion of the Euro-Mediterranean agricultural products, as well as on the culture of the Mediterranean Diet (intangible heritage by UNESCO) .

The association’s key instrument is the “Salone del Gusto”  (Hall of Taste), the exclusive Sicilian event for the food sector, which has become a regular event for professionals and food lovers. In support of this event, during the year, Sicilprogress organizes the “Workshops of tastes” in collaboration with professionals working in the sectors of catering, bakery and wine tourism, with the intent to offer guided tasting sessions  of typical food and agricultural products.

Sicilprogress’ activities, passion and commitment make it to be considered as a reference point for all those who are interested  in the different culinary and cultural aspects and expressions of the  Euro-Mediterranean tradition.

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Sicil Progress

Sicil Progress

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