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The Social Cooperative “Il Mortellito” was born from the desire to live the relationship with land, a passion that encouraged us to focus on indigenous cultivations to fully express the authenticity of our territory.

We believe that every place has a specific vocation and this vocation must be respected by growing plants, that for millennia have better adapted to this land and that can offer natural products which are unique for quality and characteristics.

This is our farm, which covers 25 hectares in the area once called “A murtedda“, a term used in the past to indicate the myrtle.

Our philosophy of life is simple: growing grapes to produce wine, olive trees to get olive oil, almonds for confectionery. All Cultivations are organic and healthy to preserve the environment and produce the best fruits.

Moreover, the Cooperative aims at promoting the access of disadvantaged people to employment, according to the law no. 381/91, to favour their emancipation and integration into society .



Our grapes are exclusively grown with bush-training cultivation, without using pesticides and chemical fertilizers. Harvesting is done by hand  without any help of machinery that could damage the quality of the grapes.




Harvested from mid-September on, the Nero d’Avola, the King of our lands, owes its fame to the cultivations located in the area of Pachino and Noto.

Our Nero d’Avola vineyards have different ages ranging from five to thirty years.




Moscato di Noto is harvested in late August and early September from a native white grape variety.

In recent years we have been trying to re-evaluate its production which has steadily decreased over time. It can be used for both dry wines and dessert wines.




Indigenous Sicilian grape, present in the area around Syracuse until the 70s, today Frappato/Nero Capitano  is completely extinguished. We have planted a few thousand plants with the hope of increasing the number in the coming years.

Bush-trained red grape variety suitable for young wines ready to drink or, if properly vinified, small aging.




Grillo is a traditional Sicilian grape variety which has historically developed in western Sicily. Suitable for hot climates, it has well adapted to the land of Noto. We have chosen this white grape variety, suitable for dry white wines, since today it is the grape variety that give its best in our land.



The almond GROVES


This denomination includes three varieties of almonds: Pizzuta, Fascionello and Romana.

Avola’s almond, considered among the most valuable in the world and recognized as PAT (Italian traditional agro-food products), is used for the production of high-quality confectionery and pastry.

These almonds have high organoleptic characteristics, due to the high presence of vitamin E, unsaturated fats, magnesium, calcium and proteins.

Collecting is carried out in August by beating  the trees with a stick. Once collected and put into sacks, our almonds are deprived of the husk and dried in the sun.

Il mandorleto


We grow olive trees both in the Val di Noto and in the Province of Catania, on the slopes of the Etna volcano.

We produce two different types of olive oil, deriving from secular olive trees: the varieties “Moresca” and “Tonda Iblea” derive from cultivations in the Val di Noto, while “Nocellara” and “Brandofino” from Etnean cultivations.

The olives of our farm are processed within six hours after collection. After cold-extraction the oil is stored in steel silos where it decants naturally.

Depending on the requests, oil is bottled both in glass bottles and in aluminium cans.




  • Vineyard – growing, production and sale
  • Olive Trees – growing, production and sale
  • Almond Groves – growing, production and sale
  • Tourist Activities – wine&food tours
  • Active holidays for disable people
  • Tourist activities in the farm
  • Tastings
  • Production and sales of typical products

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Il Mortellito - Società Cooperativa Sociale

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Il Mortellito - Società Cooperativa Sociale

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