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logo lapilli dell'etna

The “lapilli” are small pumice stones, rich in minerals, which are spewed out during the eruptions of the famous Etna volcano (a UNESCO World  Heritage site) and that cover the whole area surrounding the ​​Etna.

Hence the name of the farm “I lapilli dell’Etna”, which started its activities in 2013 on the territory of Milo (Ct),a town at 750 m above sea level.

The company was born from a challenge with the territory, namely to be able to plant a wide range of crops of wildberries on the slopes of Etna, a new habitat for this type of plants, but a comfortable and ideal place for their production due to its cold winters and a favorable climate in all  seasons. One of the strength for the firm’s successful production has been the deep knowledge of this land which has always satisfied the food requirements of the most refined palates and which has proved high-quality products with unique organoleptic characteristics and appreciated all over the world.

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This young but well-rooted company, whose life philosophy is a great love for the land and respect for its natural heritage, has chosen to carry out the principles and the cropping systems handed down from father to son. An indelible mark on the birth and development of this company has been left  by the tireless work and valuable advice given by Mr. Giuseppe Raciti – a man, a father, a farmer who has dedicated all his passion and whole life to his land, and who has always firmly believed in the resources of a territory which has been too often offended and forgotten.


The production of seasonal fruit occurs both in open field and in protected greenhouses cultivation and includes not only wildberries (i.e. raspberries, strawberries and wild strawberries, blueberries, black and red currants, blackberries, gooseberries), but also typical products of the Etnean area, such as mulberries , cherries, hazelnuts, walnuts, apples, pears, etc.

Thanks to its location on a mountainous and steep terrain, with typical Etnean terraces, the land working and the harvesting are completely carried out manually; neither chemicals or pesticides are used; we take care of our plants thanks to the help of useful insects and natural infusions skillfully prepared with local herbs. Only organic fertilizers (such as manure, poultry manure, etc.) deriving from the farm itself  are used.

Our aim is to get a more healthy, tasty and highly nutritious fruit, to be used also for the production of high-quality jams.

Our jams, in fact, contain a very high percentage of fruit without added flavors, stabilizers or preservatives; in this way, differently from the commercial products ending up on our tables, our jams fully reflect  the tastes of the raw materials and make us rediscover all those flavors which have been forgotten over time and handled by merely commercial and business practices.

“I Lapilli Etna” is a company that aims at focusing on biodynamic production methods, by working in the utmost respect for nature and its cycles, in order to give a considerable added value to the high quality  of both fresh and processed products.


The company addresses a wide range of clients, including wine bars, specialized shops, restaurants, pastries, and recreational venues in general. Special attention is, however,  given to markets of organic and Zero-Km products where the direct contact with customers make it possible not only to promote fresh and processed products, but also to re-launch the typical tastes of our culture, the potentialities of our territory and to disseminate that culture which is essential for a decisive and aware environmental protection.

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I Lapilli dell' Etna di Raciti Vincenzo

I Lapilli dell' Etna di Raciti Vincenzo

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