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Driven by the passion for the Etna, for its landscape and its natural environment, and the love for that wonderful and forgotten animal that is and the donkey, we decided to develop this project by following a model of eco-sustainable/compatible tourist development, whose main objective is the territory development, as well as the rediscovery of the rural culture and traditions that once characterized our land. Thus the project Etna Donkey Trekking was born.

On a donkey’s back along the paths of Etna, you will experiment a new way of discovering the wonders of this “mountain”, accompanied by gentle, strong, and faithful donkeys. In the past this animal represented the means of transport used by the agricultural populations; today it  best adapts to the conditions of the morphological features of Etna naturalistic routes.

We propose three types of activities:

Trekking with donkey of burden: hiking activities with the help of the donkey of burden, used to carry the hikers’ equipment.

Onotherapy: pet therapy with the help of the donkey; it is a technique that takes advantage of the extraordinary character qualities of the donkey. Thanks to donkey’s calm and confident nature, hyperactive children or children with behavioural or emotional problems succeed in establishing dialogue and relationship channels that would otherwise remain inaccessible.

Trekking with donkeys: the itineraries proposed are designed to re-evaluate the silent paths, the ancient forests and the panoramic ridges with the aim of recovering the dimension of a space and a time which no longer belong to us.

Hikers riding on donkeys’ backs will be able to comfortably experience the magic feeling of the unspoiled nature of the Etna Park.

The activities are addressed to families, young people and adults. They include either few-hour walks or multi-day tours  with overnight stay in tents or in refuges.

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Etna Donkey Trekking

Etna Donkey Trekking

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