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“Cucina del sole” is the realization of its founder’s dream: to keep alive that great “all-female” family gastronomic tradition, and that strong sense of hospitality (conviviality) which has been handed down by generations of grandmothers, mothers, and elderly aunts who,  with gentle and skilful hands have created thousands of tasty dishes. After reading the precious old recipe notebooks written with elegant handwriting in the distant past, Eleonora Consoli decided to give space and update that memories by creating a new project in Catania. Over time, she has been involving in this adventure her sister Alessandra Oliveri, and her daughter Monica Consoli.

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Today, Cucina del Sole is:

Cookery school, born in 1986 in Catania and Taormina. It offers cooking lessons to foreigners and conventioneers.

Since 1990, classes are held in Viagrande, in a typical Sicilian house of the Eighteenth century. The school was created by Eleonora Consoli, journalist gastronome, author of cookbooks spread in Italy and abroad, also famous for television appearances in Italy, Japan, Germany, Britain, United States. Now the school  is entrusted to her daughter Monica Consoli who shares her mother’s passion for Sicily and for Sicilian products and recipes. During the lessons she transmits to Italian and foreigner “students” not only  the secrets of the delicious traditional Sicilian cuisine, but also the history and the culture of the island.

Numerous Italian and foreign magazines have widely showed the school’s activities.

Catering service, born in 1989 with the aim of giving the opportunity to taste the good Sicilian, Italian, and international recipes in an elegant and refined setting, by providing the best possible service. Since those “pioneering” times (nobody knew, at that time, what catering was) to the present day, Cucina del Sole has served its dishes in many places to thousands of “guests”.

The goal is always “cooking like at home” while maintaining, at the same time, a high level of professionalism and devoting maximum attention to the choice of the best ingredients.

The menus are carefully “build” for each type of occasion and the design project can take some months to be conceived with the same care used to prepare the tables and present the dishes. The two owners/cooks Alessandra Oliveri and Monica Consoli follow personally with constant attention every event, from the smallest to the most important one, without ever leaving the field, helped by a trained and experienced staff.

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