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logo birrificio all'opera
logo birrificio all'opera

Beer is the only alcoholic beverage drunk by the brewery’s founder, Mr. Simone Mascali, who tells the story of the birth of this wonderful adventure.

The craft brewery “All’Opera” is a small family-run company born “by chance” in 2013. The research for organic raw materials and the various spices used for beer production, make our product unique and very appreciated.

To date we produce  5 types of beer:

  1. Irish Stout: toasted black beer, spiced with coriander and Irish Moss and fermented in bottle with acacia honey, alcohol content 7.5 ° C.
  2. Wheat: blond beer made with wheat malt and fermented in bottle with acacia honey, alcohol content 4.5 ° C.
  3. English Bitter: red, bitter beer with infusion of dried chestnuts, alcohol content 5.5 ° C;
  4. Barley Wine: amber-coloured, top-fermented, alcohol content 9 ° C.
  5. Framboise: amber raspberry-fruity beer, alcohol content 6 ° C.

The beers we produce are not pasteurized, filtered and inoculated with carbon dioxide; the sparkling part is obtained by fermentation in the bottle. After the stabilization of production we decided to grow the Timilia, an ancient type of wheat, to produce a white beer with oatmeal and elderflower. The desire to exploit and enhance the land leads our company to face a  new challenge: growing some hop plants with the goal of creating a domestic supply chain to provide all that is required for beer self-production.





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