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azienda agricola poggiorosso
azienda agricola poggiorosso

The farm consists of an orchard of almost eight hectares and a total of 2700 orange trees variety “Tarocco Nucellare” and “Tarocco Comune”. All along the farm’s perimeter a total of 152 olive trees – variety “Nocellara dell’Etna”- have been planted.

Our business is focused on the blood orange-growing, a typical Sicilian product, along with the cultivation of olives for oil.

Our farm grows organically, observing  sound agricultural practices, while respecting the environment and protecting the consumers’ health. It is a family-run business; the production manager is Mr. Alfredo Costanzo, agronomist and agriculture enthusiast.

The agronomic techniques used complaint with all the regulations and practices for organic cultivations; however, to further improving the product quality, substances are used in the cultivation cycle in support of the plant root (especially saprophytic fungi, known as Mycorrhizae). The results obtained are excellent, and involve both the appearance of the plant canopy and the quality of the product. In addition, we follow protocols for prebiotic agriculture by using different species of probiotic microorganisms.

Thus, the guarantee we offer to our consumers, goes beyond the product itself, which is not only organic, but also mycorrhized; this means minimizing, or even removing all the toxic residues. This is a very important aspect for the quality of our products. Our orange, certified by I.C.EA. D46K as organic, has also obtained the PGI certification RED ORANGE OF SICILY.




It is a large upward growing shrub tree; on its main branches and most vigorous shoots it presents a marked spinescence that the plant loses over time if it is not subjected to pruning during its  unproductive period. Flowering is not very showy  and production is mainly distributed within the canopy.

aranceIt originates from the first selection of “Tarocco Nucellare Comune”, carried out in Italy at the Experimental Institute of Agriculture of Acireale between the late Fifties and early Sixties.

The time of setting is in the month of April-May, while ripening comes from December to February. The orange is, in fact, a fruit that ripens in winter; the microclimate, as well as, the soils of our territory are suited for this type of fruit.

Our farm is located in the “Piana di Catania”, near the majestic Etna Volcano. The extreme changes in temperature characterizing the climate of this territory allow citrus fruits to ripen and to acquire the extraordinary sweet taste that makes them  pleasantly palatable to both children and adults.

The “Tarocco” is a special orange variety with pigmented flesh, with a fine and juicy grain and seedless. The flesh has the same red colour of the peel, depending on the level of ripeness reached. The fruit can be consumed whole or in the form of juice.

The “Tarocco” is a highly edible product because of the thickness of its peel (flavedo) and albedo (the inner layer of the peel) . Even the peel is an edible part of the product: used as candied fruit (sugar-coated) or even covered with black or white chocolate is a real delight to the palate. However, the whole fruit is used for the preparation of sweets. It is also widely used in cosmetics and for medical use  from pharmaceutical companies thanks to its extraordinary content of vitamin C and its antioxidant properties.

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