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The farm “Nicola Gumina” is located in Castiglione di Sicilia (CT), contrada ” Piano Filici “. It lies on an agricultural land mainly used for wine-growing, set in a landscape overlooking one of the most impressive  panoramic view of Sicily, Mount “Etna”, the highest and most active volcano in Europe, an environmental and historical site, which can be considered one of the most spectacular in the world.

The family vineyard, cultivated with love and passion, is located inside the Etna Park, nestled in a unique natural setting, alongside a lava flow which dates back to 1923. On its slopes the ginesta aetnensis grows spontaneously with its pretty flowers and its delicate perfumes. The wines convey in the surrounding area all the mineral content of the volcanic soil and the wealth of perfumes offered by this land.

ViniMilo Award 2011 to the vineyard:  Jury Prize at the Third Annual Competition “The Vineyard and the Volcano”.

The history of the Etnean territory –

“The Etnean viticulture and enology have very ancient origins. Mythology, literature, arts and popular traditions narrate, depict and hand down legends, chronicles, scenery and costumes which have the grape-growing and the wine-production as the protagonists of the life and activity of the local population (A. Zappala – “La vite ed il vino sull’Etna nel tempo” – ” Etna grape and wine over time”).

Over the centuries many writers and poets have often been attracted to that “magical” bond that combines the lava coming out from the still active Etna volcano and the wine made from those grapes grown on a ground, that is nothing else than lava rock, which has become vital substrate over time.


One of the earliest evidence of the presence of vines on Mount Etna can be found in Homer’s Odyssey where the author reports the presence of wild vines on the slopes of the volcano:

“Unsown, unplanted, or unploughed

barley, wheat and joyous vine,

filled with big grapes

swollen by Zeus’ rain”

(Homer – Odyssey, Book IX, 108-111)

From the Greek colonization to the present day, the Etnean viticulture has seen a continuous development, not only as regards the expansion of the area planted with vines, but also as regards the quality of the product, which has given international visibility to Etnean producers.

The wine produced

Filici Bottiglia 2012

FILICI ETNA ROSSO –  Registered designation of origin

“From the inflamed clods of the volcano to wine’s passion and ardour”

This wine comes from an area of Etna which has always been dedicated to  the production of great red wines, namely Castiglione di Sicilia – Piano Filici, located  in the northern slope of the volcano, at an altitude of 750 m. The changes in temperature between the day and night and the volcanic soil infuse intense scent and flavour to the wine produced from the autochthon grapes, variety Nerello Mascalese.


Type Red wine
Variety   100% Nerello Mascalese
Classification Registered designation of origin  “Etna Rosso”
Production site Castiglione di Sicilia(CT) – Piano Filici
Type of soil Medium soil tending towards loose
Yield per hectare 60 quintals
Grape altitude 750 meters
Farming system Spurred cordon to counter
Planting density 6000 plants per hectare
Harvesting period: Second half of October 
Winemaking procedures Fermentation in temperature – Controlled stainless steel tanks at 24-25°C for 10 days
Maturation of wine Stainless steel  – 6 months in Tonneau  and at least one year in the bottle
Colour Bright red
Bouquet Fruity with hints of red fruits, violet, and lily of the valley
Palate Warm, pleasant with its elegant and balanced tannins
Serving temperature 16-18° C
Food Pairing Main dishes of meat and aged cheeses
Glass     Broad chalice
Awards Douja d’Or 2014 Award to the Filici Etna Rosso 2011
Douja d’Or 2015 Award to the Filici Etna Rosso 2012

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Azienda Agricola "Nicola Gumina"

VIA DELLA REGIONE 78 - 95127 San Giovanni La Punta (CT)

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