Associazione Italiani per l’Europa

associazioni italiani per l'europa
associazioni italiani per l'europa


It is essential to prevent the crisis of the “political ruling class” (except in its growing quantitative dimension) from generating  a crisis of “policy” capable of loosening the cohesion of Italians around the great ideals of freedom and social justice that form the basis of the Italian democratic system.

There is the need to reorganize the parties in order to revitalize, in terms of innovation, the sense of belonging to different political families, through the implementation of a reformist commitment aimed at supporting the economic development and the social balance. The comparison of various development projects, able to express a dynamic vision of the Country’s system in terms of values, shall guide the development of a political debate which will prevent it from being sterile.

This also requires the recovery of a political code of ethics that would strengthen the sense of representation by solving the widespread problems related to conflict of interests, organization of political parties, spread of policy costs, collusion between the different centres of economic and political interests, as well as the selection of its leaders.

This also requires a new social pact between the State and the civil society, in which the role of the State in providing public goods  – essential to economic development and social progress – will be sustained, at economic and infrastructural level, by regulation systems capable of ensuring the effectiveness of interventions, and at a social level, by a greater citizens’ freedom of choice favoured by a greater articulation of the services in which public and private facilities will all converge.

Why is it important to join the Association?

All the members of the Association “Italians for Europe”  share the same values ​​which make up the heritage of Christian tradition and Western rationality, in respect of the historical and ideal memory that created the Nation’s identity and unity.

This heritage should be reinforced to support the dignity of the human being, intended as an individual living in a pluralistic and solidarity-based community, against the risks of a modernization and its potentially aberrant aspects.

This heritage of common values ​​forms the “pre-political” premise that allows the participation in the Association of different political cultures that share the need for a reorganization of the political system and a reorientation of the reformist commitment, consistent with the reference values.

At political level it aims at a greater democratization of the State. This aim is not merely linked to the necessary restructuring of the “democratic governance” to ensure a better governance of the Country, but it requires a more friendly relationship between citizens and State.

This implies: a greater transparency and fairness in the relationship between tax burdens and benefits provided by the State to the citizens at various institutional levels; a more extensive use of the European principle of subsidiarity to reactivate, from bottom, the participatory channels and enhance the potentialities of our institutional and economic polycentrism; a better regulation of the relationship between State and market in order to settle the  divisions existing in the Country, in terms of provision of public goods, compliance with the law, containing of the different privileges of position which are often protected by the strongest and better organized interests.

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