Independent Association of the European Women


The Association, based in Matera, is registered as Social Promotion Association. The regional president for Sicily is Pina Jannello Barlesi. It has several provincial and municipal offices throughout Sicily. The Association’s field of interest is the promotion of artistic craftsmanship through the organization of numerous exhibitions, courses and conferences, as well as social and cultural activities  aimed at supporting families, work, youth and women.

The association signed a memorandum of understanding with Federanziani for the protection of patients’ rights. Amongst  the most significant actions,  carried out together with the Italian Association for Europe, it is worthwhile mentioning NEXT-SICILY-INFORM@ which was launched during the conference “WIND SOUTH” on June 28th, 2012. The event, hold at the Teatro Alliata in Catania, had Her Excellency Dr. Francesca Cannizzo, Prefect of Catania, as special patroness; moreover a significant video message from the President of the European Union,  Mr. Gianni Pittella was screened during the conference.

The Independent Association of the European Women is unique amongst the other national organizations in the Southern Italy.

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