Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza”

associazione turi campanazza
associazione turi campanazza

The Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza” takes its name from the man who, forty years ago, in a spontaneous and very personal way, gave birth to amusing, very imaginative and original events related to Carnival celebrations.  From the beginning of its activity, a huge group of people moved around Turi, thus giving birth, year by year, to the realization of his ideas.

The reason behind this is first and foremost the instinctive need to make  group, to be together, living in harmony, realizing bizarre creations guided by carnival fun.  All this without any speculative purpose, neither from an economic nor a profit point of view.

On this basis, for forty years, the group has been constantly working and proposing different themes for their works which are realized thanks to the collaboration of men and women of the Association. During these years a lot of people has paraded and danced around these spectacular Carnival floats, wearing colourful handmade costumes, real handicrafts made by skilled mothers and grandmothers.


Unfortunately, the founder’s group died prematurely but he is constantly present in the group with his spirit. For forty years the association has been presenting its themes with thousands of costumes: “Africa”, “China is near”, “Versailles”, “Orange flowers and sour-sweet almonds “, “Between inventions and discoveries carnival has fun”, “A treasure of carnival” ……

Over the years the group has received several awards by similar and foreign associations; it was invited to participate in parades in Malta, Putignano, Alba Adriatica, San Benedetto del Tronto, Alberobello, Montenegro … .. establishing relationships of esteem and collaboration with the various local associations.

In this regard the Cultural Association Turi Campanazza is ready to continue to increase the partnerships with all those associations working in the creative sector and at the same time involved in  social, cultural, tourist, and recreational activities. All this in the name of such a creativity able to  establish strong relationships characterized by a spontaneous recreational and associative spirit, which is essential to give a new life to social relations. Moreover….if all this happens in a spectacular, funny and Carnival setting, then……ad maiora!

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Associazione Culturale Turi Campanazza

Associazione Culturale Turi Campanazza

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