associazione jabal

Cultural Association “Jabal”

The purpose of the Association is to promote social inclusion through the development of tourism-focused cultural and recreational activities, as well as activities ensuring...

associazione turi campanazza

Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza”

The Cultural Association “Turi Campanazza” takes its name from the man who, forty years ago, in a spontaneous and very personal way, gave birth...


Independent Association of the European Women

The Association, based in Matera, is registered as Social Promotion Association. The regional president for Sicily is Pina Jannello Barlesi. It has several provincial...

logo azienda agricola gumina

Farm Company Nicola Gumina

The farm “Nicola Gumina” is located in Castiglione di Sicilia (CT), contrada ” Piano Filici “. It lies on an agricultural land mainly used...

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azienda agricola poggiorosso

Agriturismo PoggioRosso

The farm consists of an orchard of almost eight hectares and a total of 2700 orange trees variety “Tarocco Nucellare” and “Tarocco Comune”. All...

Food and Drink
logo azienda agricola sant'antonio

Agriturismo Sant’Antonio di Alfio La Rosa

“Sant’Antonio” farm, owned by Mr. Alfio La Rosa is a small family-run farm situated in Contrada Franchetto, in the municipality of Castel di Judica,...

Food and Drink

Agriturismo Sapori Nostrani

  “Sapori Nostrani” is small family-run farm whose main goal is to satisfy customers who are constantly looking for the quality and genuineness which...

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logo birrificio all'opera

Craft brewery “All’Opera”

Beer is the only alcoholic beverage drunk by the brewery’s founder, Mr. Simone Mascali, who tells the story of the birth of this wonderful...

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Cattolica Assicurazioni – Agenzia Catania Piazzatrento

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logo fior di ragala

Fior di Ragala – Honey Production

We are a family-run farm. We produce organic Sicilian honey, chasing the typical blooms of our island. We rely on the territoriality of our...

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logo mortellito

Il Mortellito – Social Cooperative

The Social Cooperative “Il Mortellito” was born from the desire to live the relationship with land, a passion that encouraged us to focus on...

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logo interprofidi

INTERPROFIDI SOC. COOP. – credit guarantee cooperative FOR self-employed professionals 

This is a non-profit Cooperative operating on the basis of mutuality principles, which provides  its members with  the following services: collective credit guarantees and related services (in...

isola di sicilia

Island of Sicily

ISOLA DI SICILIA – ISLAND OF SICILY  is an association affiliated with FAIR PLAY – CONI, under the patronage of the Chamber of Commerce...

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la fungaia

La Fungaia – Mushroom cultivaton

The farm was established in 1990 as mushroom producer and, over the years,  it has become a leader in the whole Sicily. Since 2004, it...

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logo case di Sant'Andrea

Le case di S. Andrea – Rural Turism

Le Case di S.Andrea, is a small rural village dating back to the 16th century. Recently renovated with care it  has kept the original size...

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logo l'alhambra

Bakery – L’Alhambra

Ignazio Barone’s bakery was born in 1939 in the town of Linguaglossa (Ct). Ignazio was one of 7 brothers who had learned the pastry...

Food and Drink

Rosalba Barbera Jewels

“Rosalba Barbera Jewellery” was founded in 1980 from the great passion of its founder whose desire was to create both classic and  “special” jewellery...

Shopping and Clothing
Logo Stampiamo in 3d

Let’s Print in 3d

Lets’s print in 3d is a portal dedicated to 3D printers, which are machines capable of building three-dimensional objects from a plastic filament. Until a...

Computer and Electronics

Gambino Wines

THE TERRITORY Etna is a set of unique and fascinating territories. Here people interact, often with difficulty, with this beautiful, but at the same...

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logo aim web solutions

Web Solutions – Solutions and Seo services for companies

Today being present on the Internet with a website is also important as having a shop window. Until a few years ago it was...

  • address: Via F. Monaco 1a - Misterbianco (CT)
  • Phone: - 3339302917
Internet and Telecommunications
associazioni italiani per l'europa

Associazione Italiani per l’Europa

THE REASONS UNDERLYING THE BIRTH OF  THE ASSOCIATION “ITALIANS FOR EUROPE” It is essential to prevent the crisis of the “political ruling class” (except...

  • Phone: -
logo busacca 2

Busacca Tour

“Busacca Tour” was born at the end of World War II. At that time people experienced a period of despair and many of them...

Travel and Leisure

Cucina del Sole

“Cucina del sole” is the realization of its founder’s dream: to keep alive that great “all-female” family gastronomic tradition, and that strong sense of...



Decortack is an individual company born on the slopes of the Etna volcano. It operates in women’s footwear and fashion accessories. It avails itself...

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Logo Etna Donkey

Etna Donkey Trekking

Driven by the passion for the Etna, for its landscape and its natural environment, and the love for that wonderful and forgotten animal that...

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logo lapilli dell'etna

I lapilli dell’Etna

The “lapilli” are small pumice stones, rich in minerals, which are spewed out during the eruptions of the famous Etna volcano (a UNESCO World...

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The organization of laquintalettera group is based on the identification of such goals, roles and rules that guarantee its cohesion, functionality and operation. The...


Sicil Progress

Sicilprogress is a non-partisan and non-profit association whose main aim is to  promote and enhance the Sicilian territory and its products. One of the...

Spazi contemporanei

Spazi Contemporanei

“Spazi contemporanei” is a cultural association made up of professionals working in the field of Art and, in particular, in Architecture. Our field of...

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